About Us

Tacoma Farmers Market


Reconnecting Community and Local Producers


Introducing people to local farmers and artisans to foster agricultural and community vitality.


The Tacoma Farmers Market(s) is an open-air, European style marketplace showcasing locally produced foodstuffs and artisan items with local performers setting the live entertainment ambiance. As a community gathering place, it offers education about living a healthy life through various means associated with fresh, slow foods. TFM fuels local economic development through small business incubation and keeping local dollars circulating within the local Metropolitan retail base. TFM venues are designed to fuel the sustainability of local farmers and preserve local farmland for future generations.


The Tacoma Farmers Markets are recognized for building and sustaining momentum for the revitalization of Tacoma, offering citizens the greatest variety of locally produced foods, creating local food access to areas previously dubbed as “food deserts”, jumpstarting the careers of Tacoma’s up-and-coming performing artists, creating healthier communities in Tacoma, and being Tacoma’s longest-running annual special event which draws thousands of people to the downtown core each week. A few recent awards include:

  • Best 25 Businesses in 25 Years: City Club Award, 2009
  • Best Farmers Market, Weekly Volcano Readers Choice Award - multiple
  • Union Station Award, Chamber of Commerce, 2010
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