Social Impact

Tacoma Farmers Market

Tacoma Farmers Market Social Impact

"Market staff listens to my comments and are helpful with finding creative solutions. They are 'on top' of these market venues." – Kathy Timmerman

Obesity & Health

Local Public Health indicators show that obesity in Tacoma-Pierce County has reached a statewide high of 30%. Local health departments are seeing plaque in the arteries of children. In fact, only 37% of Pierce County residents are considered to be at a healthy weight compared to 43% in the rest of Washington State and 42% nationally.

Over 649 annual deaths in Pierce County are attributed to obesity, which is more than the number of annual deaths due to motor vehicle accidents, homicides, suicides, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer's, influenza/pneumonia, accidental drowning and fire related deaths combined. While long ago we worried about people not having sufficient quantities of food – we must now take a proactive approach to providing the right type of foods. The Tacoma Farmers Markets are committed to bringing those foods to all corners of our greater Tacoma Community.

Additionally, TFM continues to donate over 7,500 pounds of fresh, organic produce to local food banks each year. Now is the time to get fresh, whole foods into our schools, institutions and every community. TFM is proud to combine efforts with Multicare Health Systems this year to bring healthy and positive change to our diverse community.

Bringing back the family meal

Food unifies families and communities in a very positive way

Economic Impact

  • Spending at the farmers market has six times the resounding impact in the local economy (i.e. for every $1 spent, $6 regenerates)
  • New businesses startup at relatively little cost thru the market
  • Neighboring businesses report higher sales on market days
  • Job creation

Environmental Impact

Decline in environmental health has been a major concern for every city in the world in recent history. Farmers markets aid environmental well being by contributing to reductions in carbon emissions traditionally used to transport food long distances; most farmers market growers utilize natural growing methods that nurture local environments; and markets educate consumers about environmental stewardship to propel adoption of lasting solutions to this growing epidemic.

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