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"I love the camaraderie between vendors, the supportive and wonderful market staff, my booth placement, and the overall layout of each of the three unique markets." – Kathy Gratzer

Locally Grown, Self-Crafted

Stall spaces at the Tacoma Farmers Market(s) are available to Washington State vendors only. Qualifying vendors are Farmers and Non-Farmers. Farmers are vendors who sell Farm products which are grown or raised by the Farmer upon land that they control through ownership, lease, rental or other legal agreement. Non-Farmers include; Processors, Hot Food Vendors and Craft vendors, who produce artisan quality, healthy foods and hand-crafted items. The Tacoma Farmers Market expects all vendors to produce high quality, locally sourced products. TFM does not accept franchises or out-of-state businesses.

Vendors are selected annually by the Market Management. Selection will be based on Quality, Originality, Locality, and Compatibility with existing market mix and mission statement, as well as vendor performance and seniority.

Approval of Selling Privileges: No vendor will have guaranteed return rights to the Market from season to season or from Market to Market, and no specific booth space is guaranteed.

Exclusivity: The Market generally does not offer exclusive rights to vendors to sell any one product. Market customers generally benefit from having a choice. However, if the Tacoma Farmers Market believes the number of vendors offering the same or similar products is excessive, duplicate products may be denied entry.

Management Discretion: Market management reserves the right to deny a vendor's application to prohibit anyone from selling at the market, or to prohibit any product from being sold at the market.

Products not Accepted

Tacoma Farmers Market is a farm, food and craft marketplace. We are interested in showcasing locally grown, artisan quality, locally/directly sourced and produced foods and products. The following will NOT be accepted at our markets:

  • Commercial or imported items
  • Second hand items (exception: those vendors who take a second had item and recycle that item into a new use)
  • Franchises
  • Non-owner operated businesses
  • Out-of-State processed items
  • Carnival-like foods (Cotton candy, brittle, taffy, etc)
  • Overly processed and/or fried foods
  • Nationally distributed packaged foods
  • Energy Drinks
  • Live Animals

Vendor Prescreening

All prospective Non-Farmer vendors (i.e., craft vendors, food processors and hot-food vendors) must submit their product for evaluation as part of the application process. This includes submitting a complete menu/ingredients list, with documentation to prove local sourcing of products. Vendors will be contacted once their application is reviewed. Product jury's are completed in March each season.

Market Rules & Guidelines

The TFM Market Rules and Guidelines contain detailed information about the policies and operations of our Markets. This includes; vendor selection criteria, general requirements for all vendors, stall fees, sales reporting, market token program, required permits, licenses and insurance, Market dates, times and locations, as well as, other important information for prospective, new and returning TFM vendors.

NOTE: There have been many updates to the 2014 Market Rules and Guidelines, including but not limited to; local sourcing requirements, required documentation and market hour and location updates.

· 2014 Market Rules and Guidelines (PDF)

Community Booth Space

Community groups and/or organizations requesting booth space reservation at the Tacoma Farmers Markets must be a non-profit organization offering education regarding market related and/or community services. Because space is limited, all organizations MUST, complete and submit a community space application, follow all market rules and regulations, set up & tear down their own booth, and follow the instructions as outlined on the Community Space Application.

· Community Space Application (PDF)

New Vendor Resources

· Market Rules and Guidelines (PDF)

· How to Become a Vendor (PDF)

· Tips for Vendors (PDF)

· Health Department Fee Schedule and Guidelines (PDF)

· Cut Leafy Greens (PDF)

· Helpful Tips for Set-up (YouTube)

· Vendor Application (Form)

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